Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sign here to stop Peotone Airport


  1. This is a petition to stop the South Suburban Airport. Please sign and send to all supporters that oppose this project.


    Thank you for posting this link here. All help is appreciated in this matter.

  2. Ryan, eight years ago I lived in Beecher, where I was very active in the opposition to this project. In fact, in 1988 I was a co-founder or RURAL, Residents United to Retain Agricultural Lane, the precursor to STAND.

    I have also placed your petition widget on another blog I maintain at: http://rural01.blogspot.com, and on Facebook.

    Thank you for starting this i-petition. At one time, I delivered 10,000 petition signatures to IDOT. They said they lost them. Good luck to you.

    Carol Henrichs

  3. Good thing for copies and the great web to hold all the petitioners info now. 10,000 signatures is a good goal for us. Wish we could find your previous petition. That would be a great addition. Soon I will be making business cards and planting them wherever I go. Thank you for this blog, it is an inspiration.

  4. Ryan, you are more than welcome. Allow me to help any way I can. I have been in this a very long time. Feel free to contact me any time. Email is rural01@gmail.com

    Right about the web--my life would have been much easier in those days, had there been an internet. There have been many petitions over the years, but never with the kind of reach this could have. Keep up the fight. I believe it is winnable.


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