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Friday, May 31, 2013

Anonymous comments no more; Anonymous protester encouraged!

anonymous (Photo credit: the|G|™)
Anonymous comments have never held much weight with me. I have long believed that if you care enough to formulate an opinion, you should be proud enough of it to put your name to it.

Therefore, I am no longer allowing anonymous comments on my blogs. You don't want to identify who you are, you no longer exist in my world, no matter how much you compliment my superb writing skills and excellent points. Besides, I'd like to thank you if you really mean it.

Most times though, posts that sound too good to be true usually are. Flattery will not get your link out there, especially when it has to do with selling pharmaceuticals, enhancing your penis, or inviting views of your ample breasts. I'm pretty tired of all you people.

That said, I would be honored to receive a visit from Anonymous, the guy wearing the above mask, the internet version of Robin Hood. I like that guy! He can comment on my blog anytime. When it comes to protesting evil for the sake of good, I'm all in!

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